Large conferences need nice big spaces to meet in. Small meetings need small spaces suited to the purpose. Difficult meetings require cozy, comfortable surroundings. Most kick-offs events require robust meeting spaces. Quick meetings require efficient conference rooms. Important meetings are best held in dignified surroundings. Krägga has it all.

You can meet in the Mansion itself or you can meet in Lusthuset (the Pavilion). Or for really big meetings, you can use Stallet (the Stable). You can also book Sjövilla (the Lake Villa) or Härbret (the Log-cabin) if you are looking for some seclusion. And best of all, the mansion’s beautiful grounds and the lake view will accompany you wherever you go.

Krägga Herrgård is a proud member of Svenska Möten, and carries the "Selected by Svenska Möten" seal.


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Last minute!

Is it coming down to the wire? Then the “last minute” package is the thing for you. Take a look closer at the deals we are offering at the moment.

Konferens i eget hus - Sjövillan på Krägga Herrgård

Conference in privacy

Sjövillan lets you hold your conference in complete privacy. Special offer right now.

Lyxkonferens på krägga herrgård

Luxury conference

Check in at Krägga Herrgård. And then relax. Book a luxury conference and experience the best of all worlds.

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Unusually near
Konferenslokal Fågelsången i herrgården


As the name suggests – “fågelsång” means birdsong in Swedish – birds can be heard singing outside the window of the mansion’s only conference room. A classic boardroom, close to all of the mansion's amenities. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a graceful balcony admit lovely natural light.

Unusually meeting-friendly


The “Hummelviken” conference room is located in the East Wing and has a lovely view of the lake. There are four group-work rooms adjacent to the conference room; just outside you will find the Pool Room, a wonderful lounge for energizing coffee breaks. Our conference hostesses are here to help you!

Unusually high ceilings
Konferenslokal Solbacken


The “Solbacken” conference room is located in the East Wing. There are four group-work rooms adjacent to the conference room. Outside the conference room you will find a lovely lounge for energizing coffee breaks. In the summer, a stone-paved terrace beckons you to take a break while gazing out over the lake.


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Sjöbastu vid bryggan från Marinbastu

Lakeside sauna

Right by our dock on Lake Mälaren’s shore is our popular wood-burning sauna.

Enjoy the heat while you take in lovely views of the lake. The sauna also has a hatch in the floor for those bold enough to take the plunge!


Here at Krägga Herrgård, we offer spa treatments for both weekend guests and conference guests.

You can choose from treatments including classic massage, aromatherapy massage, a facial or spa pedicure.
Vinprovning Champagne

Wine tasting

Wine and chocolate, wine and cheese, or Italian wine and charcuterie. Experience how one flavor brings out the other.

Or masks it. Or explore the lovely world of champagne. What’s the difference between different kinds of champagne?

Here & Now

A long time since you’ve been able to focus? Welcome! You are now on the threshold towards your nicest meeting yet. Take the step.

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