Activities or relaxation – it’s up to you

Conferences are about so much more than just sitting still. Socializing and engaging in group activities helps improve communication within the company. This reinforces relationships and increases understanding for one another within the group. And the fantastic surroundings on offer at Krägga make this a perfect place to help your team connect.

The serenity of a session in the lakeside sauna, an action-packed ATV safari or a sunset boat tour on the lake. A round of chess, rock climbing or a full day of team-building activities. There’s plenty to choose from. Ask us for tips and advice on how to arrange exactly the event you want. Read more about our activities below.

Vinprovning Champagne

Wine tasting

Wine and chocolate, wine and cheese, or Italian wine and charcuterie. Experience how one flavor brings out the other.

Or masks it. Or explore the lovely world of champagne. What’s the difference between different kinds of champagne?


Here at Krägga Herrgård, we offer spa treatments for both weekend guests and conference guests.

You can choose from treatments including classic massage, aromatherapy massage, a facial or spa pedicure.
Sjöbastu vid bryggan från Marinbastu

Lakeside sauna

Right by our dock on Lake Mälaren’s shore is our popular wood-burning sauna.

Enjoy the heat while you take in lovely views of the lake. The sauna also has a hatch in the floor for those bold enough to take the plunge!

Here & Now

A long time since you’ve been able to focus? Welcome! You are now on the threshold towards your nicest meeting yet. Take the step.

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